Our Mission

Give people the tools to enhance the future for family, friends and causes.

Our Founders and Team

Brantley Boyett Giving Docs Chief Executive Officer

Brantley Boyett

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Brantley is the co-founder and CEO of GivingDocs. He is involved in all aspects of day to day operations, crafting the company culture, and maintaining relationships with GivingDocs' non-profit partners.

Brantley received his JD and a BFA in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. He recognizes that people needing low cost legal services in the US are extremely under served. He is passionate about non-profit fundraising, and empowering people to take control of their legal identity.

Robert Guice Giving Docs CPTO

Robert Guice

Chief Product and Technology Officer / Co-Founder

Robert is the co-founder and CPTO at GivingDocs.com. He oversees the product and technical strategy of the company.

Robert's degree is in Information Systems with a concentration in Internal Auditing from Louisiana State University. He became an entrepreneur early in college creating web based business solutions for his clients across the US. His passion for technology and purpose is now being fulfilled with Giving Docs.

Gavin Gillas Giving Docs

Gavin Gillas

Director of Operations / Co-Founder

Gavin is a co-founder and company COO. He coordinates work between project teams and advocates for Giving Docs' non-profit and corporate partners.

Gavin earned his JD from the University of Oregon and a BS in International Business from Linfield College. One of his first legal jobs involved tracking down the owners of 6,000 orphaned wills. He volunteers locally as a Spanish teacher and business coach. He has founded and ran new technology businesses in digital media, biotech, and intellectual property.

Andrew Blank Giving Docs

Andrew Blank

Executive Sales Director

Andrew is a co-founder at GivingDocs, an Austin-based team working on charitable donations for non-profits via estate planning. He oversees all aspects of day to day marketing and connecting dots.

Andrew received his BA from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas. Prior to joining GivingDocs Andrew worked as a music and events promoter for more than a decade. While working in the entertainment industry Andrew thrived at bringing two of his favorite things together, people and music. It was from this passion that his need to help people grew.

Jessica Cox Giving Docs

Jessica Cox

Program Director

As the program director, Jessica works closely with our non-profit clients to ensure they have a successful planned giving campaign.

Jessica Cox earned her bachelor of science in public relations from the University of Texas at Austin. Her 10 years of program management experience include working for SXSW, Vice President Al Gore and Galvanize. Giving Docs bridges Jessica's passions for community building and social good.

Jessica Cox Giving Docs

John Morgan

Business Development & Strategy

At Giving Docs, John is responsible for developing relationships with prospective clients and guiding the Company's strategic initiatives.

John spent 5 years in private equity, most recently as a senior associate at CenterGate Capital, where he was responsible for sourcing transactions, evaluating businesses in a variety of industries, and growing portfolio companies. He loves a great challenge and is excited to bring Giving Docs' industry-changing technology to non-profits across the country. John earned his bachelor of science in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Mark Swanson Giving Docs

Mark Swanson

Director of Public Relations

Mark Swanson has gone off the beaten career path of a traditional journalist, but has ended up working where his heart is: social good. He has had work appear in hundreds of publications, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle and USA Today.

Mark earned his bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Florida State University and a Master’s in Sports Business from the University of Texas. He has an eclectic background that includes 20 years as a freelance reporter, two years in baseball public relations and six years marketing social good at the Fortune 50 corporate level.

Our Advisors

Center for Advanced Hindsight

Dan Ariely

Center for Advanced Hindsight / Startup Lab

Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight (CAH)™ develops insights into a diverse set of problems through the lens of behavioral economics. The Center studies how and why people make a wide range of decisions, and how certain forces influence our thoughts and behavior. They achieve this through academic and applied research, working with governments, nonprofits, startups, companies and organizations.

Why Giving Docs?

Imagine your entire family and friends shared a bond. Your will is solid. You have a plan, you set the course. Your life's work will live on and become a part of what you love, beyond the grave. But why spend the time or money to do your will now, especially since you are not going to die anytime soon?

The founders of Giving Docs have experienced the effects of a loved one not having a will. We've all seen families torn apart, excessive money wasted in courts and finances delayed in probate. People think they need to spend thousands of dollars, setup complex trusts or other excessive legal documents to do this. But they don't have to!

Co-Founder Brantley Boyett, has written many estate plans for his legal clients over the years as an attorney. He said: "The average fee for a basic estate was $2,200. It wasn't fun legal work and I hated charging for it. I recommended online services but most of my clients returned for one reason or another. This is when I knew, we had to fix this - everyone needs a will!"

Giving Docs is a pain-free way to create and manage your life's purpose through your estate plan.

Your legal dashboard on all devices

Legally effective in all U.S. states.

Wishes are forever. Establish your legacy.