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Eugene Lovendusky
Eugene Lovendusky
Individual and Planned Giving Manager
The LGBT Community Center NYC
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A full suite of estate planning tools legally binding in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

*Revocable Living Trusts are only available for California residents currently

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Our Values Aligned

Established in 1983 as a result of the AIDS crisis, New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center has grown and evolved over the last four decades, creating and delivering services that empower people to lead healthy, successful lives. The Center currently operates in person and virtually, providing recovery and wellness programs, economic advancement initiatives, family and youth support, advocacy, arts and cultural events, and space for community organizing and connection.

Many of The Center’s supporters have chosen to support the future of the organization’s work for LGBTQ+ New Yorkers by providing a gift through their estate plan. Regardless of the size of your gift, you can now provide funding to ensure that The Center will continue to be a space for LGBTQ+ healing, togetherness, and action for generations to come. Traditionally, creating a will can be expensive and time-consuming. To solve this problem, The Center is pleased to offer its supporters free access to Giving Docs. Here you can easily create your will and other estate planning documents in just a few minutes. You are not required to leave a gift to The Center in order to create a will. This is our gift to you.


“Today, it’s almost inconceivable to think of New York City without The Center, but I remember when a group of LGBTQ+ activists and leaders came together to make it happen! We had a deep understanding of our obligation to the future and knew that we were creating something important.

The Center was there for me, so I want it to be there for generations to come. Over 40 years, The Center has grown, flourished, and continues to serve so many. Whatever hurdles our community may need to overcome, I know The Center will be there to help at the ground level. The Center is here. We’re here. And we must be here to support the next person that comes through the door.”

Ruth Gursky, Proud Member of The Center's Legacy Society
Get Started Your free estate plan from Giving Docs Giving Docs

Frequently Asked Questions

Your last will and testament is a formal document that specifies your wishes when you pass away. If you do not have a will, state law will determine how your belongings, children and pets are placed among your living family.

Giving Docs advises that a completed will is not legally binding until it has been signed and executed in accordance with the laws of your state of residence. Giving Docs will give you detailed instructions on how to do so in order to ensure that your will carries out your wishes. Giving Docs securely keeps your information in your profile so that you can quickly and easily update your will whenever you need to. The standard will document you create on the GivingDocs website incorporates typical estate planning needs. If you have a complicated estate with multiple properties and complex assets, or would like to discuss alternative planned giving vehicles, we recommend consulting an attorney and/or financial advisor.

This offer is free to you, compliments of The LGBT Community Center NYC. Because many of The LGBT Community Center's supporters choose to provide a legacy gift, we are able to offer Giving Docs for free to people like you.

No. While The LGBT Community Center NYC covers the cost of providing this service to our supporters, Giving Docs is an independent third-party platform, completely separate from The LGBT Community Center NYC. Its services are provided without review from The LGBT Community Center NYC, and The LGBT Community Center NYC is not liable for its use. Giving Docs is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Your use of the platform is subject to Giving Docs' Terms of Service, which we encourage you to review.

You are not required to leave a gift to The LGBT Community Center NYC or any other organization in order to create a will. And any bequest provision you include is revocable. It can be changed at any time for any reason. Simply log back into your account to update your will, and follow the instructions for signatures and notarizations.

Giving Docs uses gender-neutral pronouns throughout their documents, and also permits users to list a preferred name in addition to their legal name.

Yes, you can use Giving Docs to create a new will. Be sure to have it executed per the laws in your state.

Yes, Giving Docs offers the opportunity to leave a gift to The LGBT Community Center without altering your existing will through a codicil. You can access the codicil platform directly.

Yes. Giving Docs makes it easy to leave gifts to all of your favorite organizations. Giving Docs will prompt you to leave a percentage of your estate to your favorite charity, but you are not required to leave a gift in order to create a will through Giving Docs.

Giving Docs states a will from Giving Docs is valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia if it has been signed and executed in accordance with the laws of your state of residence. If you live outside of the U.S., you may use the Giving Docs process to outline your wishes in preparation for speaking with an attorney.

The LGBT Community Center NYC does not share your personal information with Giving Docs. Giving Docs only receives the information that you provide to them, when you activate your Giving Docs account. Giving Docs' Terms of Service prohibits the sale or rental of user names or other personal information.

When creating your account with Giving Docs, you will be asked if you would like to share your contact information with any charities for which you leave a gift. If you choose to share your contact information, the charity will receive your contact information and note about your planned gift, as agreed upon. No other data will be shared with the charity. If you do not wish to share any information at all, you can choose to remain anonymous. If you choose to remain anonymous, the charity will not receive any identifying information.
Get Started Your free estate plan from Giving Docs Logo Giving Docs