Optimize Your Planned Giving

Do more than ask for legacy gifts - give your supporters the tools they need to create meaningful legacies

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Our Approach

Strategic Outreach

Custom, science-based
planned giving campaigns
that inspire donor action

Estate Tools

Simple, scalable estate
planning tools you give your
donors to secure more bequests

Donor Insights

Robust, data-driven
reporting tools to track your
bequests and donors in real time

Use our expertise and tools to magnify your planned giving.

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Social Impact

Make estate planning more affordable
and accessible to your community

More Active Community

Increase volunteerism and engagement
from your organization's supporters

Future Gifts

Secure long-term funding
to support your organization

Current Gifts

Donors who appreciate this estate
planning gift often contribute more

Lasting Social Impact

We are more than just nifty fundraising software, and we’re not just focused on generating transactional bequests. We’re aiming for something bigger. We work with partners to help them achieve long term sustainability and growth, and dramatically improve the planned giving experience for all.

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