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Give a gift of appreciation to your donors and supporters: our complete estate planning platform, free.

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Give your supporters an act now button to plan their estate with your organization in mind.

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Donors who include you in your legacy are 5x more likely to be an active supporter on a yearly basis.

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Increase future revenue through our unique fundraising and estate planning platform.

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Secure long term support by giving your donors our complete estate planning platform.

Estate Planning

We offer premium estate planning: Legal Will, Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney.

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Your supporters are given our premium estate package, $300 value, free of charge, no strings attached.

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We optimize your donor's planned giving experience making it easy to include you in their legacy.

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A True Win-Win-Win

Not only does our legal package increase the number of bequests to your organization, it also enables you give a top notch service to your donors.

Not quite sure how it will work for your organization? Check out our planned giving campaign calculator.