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What's your legacy campaign worth?

Get a rough estimate on how much new money your organization can raise on the first Giving Docs campaign by offering your donors our complete estate planning platform, for free.

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Enter the number of your unique donors you expect to reach during your campaign from a combination of your email and social contacts.

Donor Engagement Level

On a scale of 1-5, how engaged are your donors? With 1 being yearly outreach and 5 being weekly communication.

Average Legacy Gift

Provide a rough estimate of the average bequest each donor may leave you, usually 5-20% of their net wealth.


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*Money raised is an estimate based on total bequests to be left to your organization over the next 30 years.
Note: This estimate does not include the top 5-10% of your wealthiest supporters. This campaign is focused on your untapped donor base but will also boost your overall planned giving campaigns.